HELLFIRE Versatility and Repeatability Video

HELLFIRE System Repeatability.
Ive been wanting to do this video for awhile now, finally got a chance to yesterday. Set up at 330yd just to remove some shooter error from the group sizes. Wind was blowing about 15-20mph as you can tell, these damn Sierra Bullets 110SMK are lasers!

The video will show shooting with the Hellfire Muzzle Brake two rounds, tool-less change to Thunder Beast Arms Corporation Ultra 7 shoot two rounds, tool-less change to SilencerCo Omega shoot two rounds, then repeat the process again. Filming was done with a Swarovski Optik Hunting STR65 Spotter with Nikon DSLR adapter.

I did not adjust the scope between devices, I expected to see a larger shift between brake and suppressor just due to weight and harmonics, turned out they were nearly identical zero. What I really wanted to show with this video is how removing one device, using another, then switching back does not change POI one bit. It also is a great demonstration of the versatility of the Hellfire SYSTEM, which there is nothing on the market that comes close to.

HELLFIRE Self Timing Brake

Area 419 Hellfire Action
Bartlein Barrels 1-7.5 Barrel
Manners Composite Stocks T6-A Elite
Kahles Shooting K624i
American Rifle Company, Inc. M10 Rings
Alpha Munitions brass
Federal Premium 210M primers


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