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New AutoTrickler upgrades available

Two new Auto-Trickler upgrades are now available.  The Auto Trickler Straw Replacement and Auto Trickler Self-Centering Tray for A&D FX Scales were released this week.  We will be releasing a replacement windscreen lid shortly before Xmas this year and combining all three upgrades into a kit.  If you feel like waiting for that, it will save you about $20 […]

HELLFIRE Versatility and Repeatability Video

HELLFIRE System Repeatability. Ive been wanting to do this video for awhile now, finally got a chance to yesterday. Set up at 330yd just to remove some shooter error from the group sizes. Wind was blowing about 15-20mph as you can tell, these damn Sierra Bullets 110SMK are lasers! The video will show shooting with […]