Frequently Asked Questions

We get the same inquiried fairly often, but we will try to keep this updated. Don’t see the answer you need here? Email us at

Shipping and Payments

What happens if I ordered the wrong item?

– We are happy to make exchanges for incorrect orders. You have two options:

Option 1 is to send the product back to us with a note including your order number and the correct item. Once the initial item is received, we will ship you the replacement.

Option 2 is to purchase the correct item and then send the incorrect item back. Once the initial item is received by us, we will issue a refund for the replacement order. This will allow you to have the item replaced more quickly.

You shipped me the wrong item, what now?

We try to be as accurate and efficient as possible when shipping, but we are not perfect. If you have an order that’s missing an item, or we sent you the wrong thing, let us know as soon as possible. We will immediately ship the correct item, as well as email you a label for return of the incorrect item. When you get the corrected item, stick the wrong thing in the box with the label and it’ll make its way home. 

Why is my tracking not updating?

If the tracking has not updated at all, we may have printed your label a day or so ahead of packing. Your email was generated as soon as we printed the label, it’s how we have our system configured. This is common with backorder or pre-order items.

If the item has shipped and stopped mid-stream, you might try calling UPS or USPS. It’s not common, but occasionally a package will get stuck in a shipping hub for a few days, but packages actually being lost in the UPS/USPS stream is VERY uncommon. If you’re concerned, email us, we will share any information we have. 

What is Economy Shipping?

If you choose Economy Shipping at checkout, it is almost a guarantee that the postal service will deliver the package to your door. How it gets to the post office in your town – however – is a little bit of our call. We look at the size and weight of the package and determine if UPS SurePost or USPS Priority Mail makes the most sense. If the item is under 1lb and you don’t live in Ohio or a bordering state, it’ll probably be Priority. If your order is over 1lb, it’s much more likely that we will choose SurePost. 

This is a recent change that should help all of our customers get some combination of a faster and/or cheaper delivery. It also allows us to spread out fulfillment over multiple pickups, and it tends to get packages out of here faster – everyone wins! 

Does UPS Next-Day Air deliver on weekends?

UPS Next-Day Air does not deliver on weekends. This means that if you’re ordering on a Friday, it will deliver on the next business day – likely Monday. Saturday delivery typically comes at a significant additional charge from UPS. If you NEED this, please call us before you order, and we can alter the shipping.

My tracking says my package is lost or damaged, what do I do?

If you feel your package was lost or stolen, or there was damage that resulted in lost/broken product, the first step is to file a claim with the carrier. Many of our packages are UPS these days, but there are still a good number going USPS. This is an issue that must be dealt with via the shipper first. At the time the shipper deems the case closed and the package lost, Area 419 may replace the product at a discounted rate. This replacement is at the sole discretion of Area 419. 

What happens if part of my order is in-stock and part of it is backordered/pre-ordered?

We always try to get orders out as quickly as possible, but we also try to be efficient. If your order is partially on backorder, and we think the additional products will be available in a week or less, we will wait and ship it all together. If it’s going to be more than a week until we have the full order, we will likely partial-ship the order so you can begin using and enjoying your products as soon as possible. 

Do you ship internationally?

We do! Well, at least on some products. Due to US law we cannot export certain items like magazines or serialized parts like actions. We can also not export products from certain outside vendors like barrels, stocks, or triggers.

If you’re an international customer and would like to order, try to order right here on the site. If the site returns a shipping option, we can sell you the product. If it does not, you have either selected a restricted product or you’re in a country that we do not ship to. 

NOTE: We do not guarantee the safe delivery of international shipments. Once the item leaves the US it is 100% your responsibility. If you fail to cooperate with the carrier or your nation upon arrival, that’s not our issue. ALL international returns are also subject to a 20% restocking fee. 

What is the Brokerage Fee on Canadian shipments?

For all Canada Standard shipments worth over $40, UPS will charge you a brokerage fee. This is not, and cannot be part of what we charge you for shipping, it will be collected before you can receive your package. Here are the rates, based on shipment value. 

$0-$40: No Fee
$40.01-$150: $5
$150.01-$750: $15
$750.01-$2,500: $45
Over $2,500: $51.50

NOTE: This only applies to the “Canada Standard” shipping method. Express/Expedited shipments to Canada to not incur this fee. 

Do you offer a Military/Law Enforcement discount?

We sure do, and all active/former military and law enforcement qualify. To get the discount please send us an email at with some sort of proof of service (ID, DD214, etc) and we will get you hooked up.

Returns and Exchanges

I got something, but want to return it, what are the rules?

People change their mind or things change, we get it. For 30 days following the purchase, if your item is in new condition and still in packaging, all you have to do is send us an email and we will send you a label to return the product. If you have had the item for more than 30 days, but less than 90, we are happy to issue you store credit for the item.

What about exchanges?

Basically, same rules as returns. Get ahold of us, let us know what you want to send back and what you need, and we will send you a return slip for the previously ordered item. Once it is back with us, we will send the new item. If there is a refund or additional payment to be made, we will settle that before the new item is shipped. 

Can I change my order if it hasn't shipped?

Because of the way our payment processing works, it is virtually impossible for us to add to orders. Sometimes we can remove items or change items, but you will likely not see any funds returned for at least 24 hours, unless we totally cancel the order. This is due to some security and anti-fraud protections that keep us both safe. 

The easiest way to really change an order is for us to cancel the order and let you start over. As long as we haven’t shipped it, this is no problem at all. 

Do your products come with a warranty?

They have both a warranty and a guarantee. We warranty our work to be free from defect and warranty them against any failures due to manufacture. This does not cover, however, normal wear and tear. 

We also guarantee your satisfaction. If you use our product and are not satisfied with its performance/function/fit/finish, we will refund or replace, no questions asked. 

Muzzle Brakes and Suppressor Mounts

Which brake is right for me?

For standard calibers (308 and smaller) our Hellfire is a great brake, and is by FAR our best seller. It offers terrific performance, unmatched versatility, and is easy to install. 

If you run a larger magnum caliber, and aren’t concerned with the brake being a little larger, the Sidewinder is where you’ll want to be. It’s a larger brake and can take advantage of the additional gas and pressure that come with a magnum case. 

Still not sure? Give us a call, opinions are free at Area 419 – but you get what you pay for! 

Does the Sidewinder reduce more recoil?

Absolutely. It’s the nature of a larger brake with more ports. That said, on most smaller calibers, the difference isn’t huge. The difference really starts to be seen when you get into larger cartridges and/or high numbers of rounds fired in a single session. The Hellfire is our best-seller, but it’s not like we made the Sidewinder for no reason. 

How many suppressor mounts do I need?

One suppressor mount per suppressor. You’ll then be able to use the suppressor on any rifle that has a Hellfire (or Sidewinder, if you went that route) adapter. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your can mount is a Hellfire mount, it’ll only work with Hellfire adapters. Same goes for Sidewinder mounts – good for Sidewinder adapters only. They’re cousins, but they don’t share dimensions. 

Do brakes affect accuracy?

Accuracy? Not inherently. A properly installed and well produced brake should leave your rifle with all the accuracy potential it had before.

That said – your zero will almost surely change and a load or ammo that had previously been accurate or inaccurate in your rifle may now be less or more accurate. The reason is that you’re hanging weight on the end of your barrel, and that will effect harmonics. For reloaders, this is often fixed by adding or dropping a couple tenths of charge weight. For guys shooting factory ammo, this may mean trying some new brands, varieties, or even just lots of ammo. For many customers there is no change at all, just know that it’s possible and be prepared to deal with it. 

Suppressors will have a much more profound effect, it’s just a larger application of the same principal. 

How do I clean my brake?

Maintenance on any muzzle brake is essential.  Just like your barrel, muzzle brakes need cleaned.  Over time carbon will build up in the ports, mainly the last port as the first two are semi-self cleaning from the muzzle blast.  When this carbon builds up, it will eventually get to the point that bullets can actually strike it.  Depending on your shooting regimen you may not notice this, you might just call it a flier.  But in a competition when you need every round to impact, this is critical.  Carbon bullet strikes are a worst case scenario, but the buildup can also cause accuracy or POI issues just due to airflow changes in the brake ports.

NOTE: The use of Lemishine (or any citric-acid cleaner) or CLR to clean your brake will likely discolor the black nitride, and will void the lifetime warranty of your product. Don’t do this. Seriously. It’ll turn pink and you’ll feel like an idiot. 

  • The best cleaning method for any muzzle brake is PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE.  If you clean the brake every time you clean the barrel (200-400 round intervals, shorter for 6mm rounds) it will make your life much much easier.  With that being said, just soak the brake in a carbon cleaner like Boretech C4 and all the carbon should come right out, especially if you have a Black Nitride brake.  Raw stainless brakes can be more challenging to clean because the surface is more porous.  If necessary, you can use any kind of cleaning brush to aid in the removal of carbon from the ports.  Black Nitride is harder than any material they attach to a brush, so you will not scratch the surface.  Raw stainless may scratch if you use a stainless or other harder bristle brush.
  • If you decide to wait until 1000 rounds or more, you will have a lot of carbon buildup in the 2nd and 3rd port which will take some effort to remove.  Best method here is probably to soak for a day or two in C4 and use a pick to get the big chunks out.  Then follow the above method to get the remainder off.
  • You should also clean your Universal Adapter with the same care.  Every time you clean your barrel, let the carbon cleaner from patching the barrel soak on the muzzle for a few minutes and use a q-tip to wipe any carbon from the barrel crown and inside the end of the adapter.  Soak a patch in carbon cleaner and wipe the taper surface of the adapter off.  If there is persistent carbon on the surface, use steel wool to remove, it will not damage the surface.
  • Brakes should not be placed in a wet tumbler, specifically not one with pins or media of any sort. The small pins can work their way into the collar/retaining ring area, and this is likely to compromise the integrity of the retention device in the brake. Foreign material here can result in the brake becoming a projectile. This is not safe, and will void the product warranty. 

ARCALOCK Rails and Clamps

I have a (INSERT BRAND/TYPE) stock/chassis, which ARCALOCK rail do I need?

Still not sure? Give us a call or shoot us an email!

Will your clamp work on my non-locking rail?

Absolutely, with about 30 seconds of work. Our ARCALOCK clamps come with pins inserted into the clamp, on the side opposite the knob. These pins are held into the clamp via set-screw, and need to be removed if you are using the clamp on a non-ARCALOCK rail. When you remove these screws and pins, we suggest you put them in a little bag and throw them in your spare parts area for when you convert everything to ARCALOCK.

How do I install an ARCALOCK rail?

In many situations, you’re simply going to use the holes for your sling studs or forent pic rail, along with your front action screw, as attachment. In each ARCALOCK rail package we include one long front-action screw, which fits most Remington 700 actions and clones (Defiance, Impact, Bighorn, ARC, Bergara, etc). This action screw will be too long – here is how to fit it >>

If you have a stock without pre-installed t-nuts in the forend, or there is only one, you’ll want to install a t-nut or two. There is hardware included in your kit to do this, and here is how you perform the install >>