The Beginnings

Area 419’s start came in 2010 when our local Gander Mountain store decided to shutter the gunsmithing department and Jon Addis decided to buy the inexpensive manual mill and manual lathe that would no longer be needed. This began a years-long journey of learning to chamber barrels and perform gunsmithing services – initially with the basic goals of learning to machine and offset the costs of a shooting hobby.

Our Growth

The business really began to change and grow in 2016, when Jon bought his first CNC mill, a Haas TM2P. This allowed for faster, more complex gunsmithing, as well as some initial product development. Later in 2016 the Hellfire muzzle brake was designed and initially produced for testing. In November 2016 the Hellfire launched, soon followed by the Master Funnel Kit. On January 1, 2017 Jon left his full-time job and went all in on Area 419.

Out of the Back Yard

Since that time the Area 419 team has grown to 24, our facility has grown from 1,200 square feet to 20,000, and some basic gunsmithing for friends has turned into a global customer and dealer base – making what was once a backyard hobby business in Northwest Ohio into a worldwide brand in the precision firearm accessory and reloading space.

What’s Next

In 2023, our mission is unchanged – we design, produce, and distribute the finest products and accessories on earth for precision shooters and reloaders. Our products are Made in America, from American raw material, by American workers, using the most cutting edge machines and technology the world has to offer. From our ZERO Reloading Press, to Hellfire family of muzzle devices to ARCALOCK rails and clamps, the things our team produces right here in Ohio are unsurpassed, and we are enormously proud of what we get to do here every day.



Founder, CEO

What began as a hobby for Jon has blossomed into a worldwide brand in precision shooting and reloading. As a Mechanical Engineer by training and a self-taught machinist, Jon has quickly built reputations in the firearm world for innovative product design, and in the machining community for innovative workholding and tooling utilization. His commitments to building breakthrough products and a lasting organization are the driving force every day at Area 419.

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Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Born and raised on a farm – rifle in hand – in rural Missouri, Craig began working with Jon in 2016. Using his background in agency marketing he built the website and social channels, then launching the Hellfire Muzzle Brake. In late 2018 he left his job and moved his family across the country to officially join Area 419 in a full-time role. Today his role ranges from product development to brand management to building and curating our global distribution network.

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Vice President, Operations

Justin officially joined Area 419 in 2017, knowing that he could help his longtime friend Jon grow the business into something big. Having worked with Jon at now 8 different companies, Justin’s history managing teams and workflow keep Area 419 running as smoothly as the precision parts we produce. The team of people that he surrounds himself here at Area 419 is a great source of pride for him, and he loves watching them grow with the company.

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Product Timeline