Thank you for your purchase of a Maverick Recoil Suppression System

Congratulations on the purchase of your Maverick Recoil Suppression system. This device is the first and only of its kind – built from the ground up to serve precision rifle shooters and competitors in a way that nothing else ever has. It offers unique control and comfort behind the rifle, and is built to the precise tolerances and specifications you’ve come to expect from Area 419.

Getting to know your Maverick

Bullet Points – Match Shooting

We generally expect that you’ll use the Maverick in one of two configurations in matches. Here are some notes on those two setups:

5.5″ Brake: This is the one we expect to see most often. This will give you the greatest recoil reductions and muzzle control. The impulse will more closely resemble a brake, though loudness and concussion are significantly reduced. 

6.5″ Brake: While this configuration will be less aggressive in regards to recoil reduction and muzzle control, the impulse will be softer while remaining very linear and drivable. While still not hearing-safe, this configuration will be another noticeable step quieter than the 5.5″ configuration. 

Servicing Your Maverick

In general, centerfire suppressors require very little maintenance. The only regular maintenance we suggest for your Maverick is basic cleanliness – keep the exposed threads clear of debris (a little grease on titanium threads will keep them from squeaking, but with the PVD coating is not needed) and the tapers dry. 

Occasionally, however, you may want to have the internals of your Maverick cleaned or maintenanced. We have designed the suppressor to be disassembled in our shop for deep cleaning and possible repair. This is something that we suggest every 5,000-8,000 rounds. When it’s time to do this, please download the maintenance card below, fill it out completely, and send it in the original case to the address on the card via UPS.