Starting Your Custom Rifle Build

Thank you for considering us for your custom rifle build. Wether this is your first custom build, or your 10th with us, we take each build seriously and will do everything we can to deliver a rifle that both fits your use, and is built to perform at the highest level.

To start the process, fill out the form below. Please give us as much detail as you can, as it will help inform the phone conversation we have following the submission. 

While we keep many components on hand for builds, understand that in 98% of cases the longest wait with a custom rifle is gathering components, specifically when there are custom requests (stocks take the longest to get, followed by non-standard actions.) 

Need a little inspiration? Check out our Instagram feed below, it’s littered with past builds! 

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    IMPORTANT: Area419 operates on an appointment-only basis. We’d love to have you come by the shop, but make sure we will be around. To schedule an appointment, send us an email at or call the shop at (419) 830-8353.